The Vision

The vision is ending extreme poverty in our lifetime. When those who are alleviating poverty are truly connected to those who experience it, we won't call them "the poor" anymore - we'll call them by their names. So our goal is human connection. This is about going from knowing of those in poverty, to knowing them. It's about their destiny weaving it's way into ours. It's a shared destiny where is no longer an "us and them", but there is only an "us".

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The Mission

Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself is a nonprofit advocacy movement dedicated to empowering the impoverished neighbor across seas and across streets. We work to bring awareness to the obstacles of those in poverty, to empower those at a disadvantage, and to dismantle the preventable barriers of development. Our weapon of choice... stories. Stories change everything.

The Values

These are the things that shape what we do and why we do it.



We work hard and we play hard. Sometimes we even get the two mixed up. Because, if you're not having fun while you serve others, you're doing it wrong. Do the stanky-leg, superman, or the macarena and you're good with us.


Some charity creates unhealthy dependency. We seek to empower others by giving them the tools to accomplish their dreams and live a sustainable life. Our giving takes us out of the equation.


Everything we do as an organization is with the purpose of cultivating a relationship between those who alleviate poverty and those who experience it. Friends don't let friends experience poverty. Friendship ends poverty.


Idealists to the Core

No matter how dark things may seem to get, we choose to believe that another world is still possible. It's possible because you're in it. Light can overcome darkness, but darkness is hopeless against the light.


Nothing holds transformative power like that of a story. Stories change us and can't be argued. They help us to see the humanity and heartbeat behind those we partner with. Stories are our weapon of choice.

Locals are the Hero

Nobody knows better than the locals so we work with partners who employ visionaries ground level. These people chart the course for what success means to them. The foreigner always takes back seat.

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Watch the Story

Our Partners

We can't help people without the help of people. That being said, we choose only the best of people to work with. We are currently partners with 410 Bridge who are some of our favorite people on earth. Their methods and their hearts are so good. Stalk 'em out.